Battery Grip Review

Buy Battery Grips,Nikon Battery Grips,Canon Battery Gripsand more photography equipments just at of our battery grips and camera batteries are manufactured by high quality parts and advanced technology, guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications on all counts of fit, performance and durability.Enjoy your mobile lifestyle with battery grip Whenever and wherever you are. Our DSLR Camera battery grips are in high grade quality and certified by CE and RoHS. The vertical grip has been specially designed to meet the power needs of your DSLR and will help you power up your Nikon or Canon DSLR in the home, party or vacations.

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Battery Grip Maintain tips:

  • 1.The battery grip is for use with compatible DSLR Camera only.
  • 2.You had better Calibrate the Battery Grip at a period of time.
  • 3.Please store your DSLR Battery Grip in a clean, dry, cool place.
  • 4.TO pervent eiectrical shorts caused by metal objects touching the power tenminals.replace the conteact cap when is not in use .
  • 5.You will shoot your DSLR Camera in a vertical position much easier with vertical shutter release button of the battery grip
  • 6.A battery Grip makes effectively doubling your shooting capacity.